Web-Based Ch XML Demos

Ch can seamlessly interface existing C code in either source code or binary static/dynamical libraries without re-compilation. With Ch zlib Package for Gnome XML C parser and toolkit, C programs using zlib API can readily run without compilation.

The examples are stored per section depending on the main focus of the example:

  • example.c:

    This example opens a temporary file and writes a test string to it, then it prints out the content of this file twice.
  • minigzip :

    minigzip is a minimal implementation of the gzip utility. This is only an example of using zlib and isn't meant to replace the full-featured gzip. No attempt is made to deal with file systems limiting names to 14 or 8+3 characters, etc... Error checking is very limited. So use minigzip only for testing; use gzip for the real thing. On MSDOS, use only on file names without extension or in pipe mode.

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