Ch zlib Package

Ch zlib Package is Ch interface to zlib. Ch is a C/C++ interpretive freely available from htpp:// Ch zlib Package alllows zlib applications with compression and decompression function runs in Ch across platform without compilation. Ch zlib Package includes the source code for building the binding to zlib.

The 'zlib' compression library provides in-memory compression and decompression functions, including integrity checks of the uncompressed data. This version of the library supports only one compression method (deflation) but other algorithms will be added later and will have the same stream interface. Compression can be done in a single step if the buffers are large enough (for example if an input file is mmap'ed), or can be done by repeated calls of the compression function. In the latter case, the application must provide more input and/or consume the output (providing more output space) before each call.

Release Notes

Ch zlib Package version 2.0, May 5th, 2005

Ch zlib Package version 1.0, June 10th, 2004

System Requirements

(1) Ch Standard or Professional Edition version or higher
      Ch is available from SoftIntegration, Inc. at
(2) Ch zlib Package supports zlib compression library version 1.1.4 or higher.
       Zlib User's Guide and Reference Manual are available here.

(3) Ch zlib Package is required by Ch libxml2 package
      The relationship between zlib package, libxml2 package and other packages is shown as below :